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French artist, Régine Sarallier, studied art history in the United States and at the "Louvre" in Paris. She then went on to study painting at the "Julian Academy," "Art Décoratifs" in Grenoble (atelier J M Pirot-Arcabas) and at the "Beaux Arts" in Paris (atelier Louis Nallard).


She has participated in numerous exhibitions including, among others, celui d'automne, des indépendants, Comparaisons, Réalités nouvelles, Artistes français, Salon national des beaux-arts.


Some of her exhibitions have been held at the following renowned galleries and museums; Marcel Bernheim Gallery, Duncan Gallery (Paris and New York), Nicole Ferry Gallery (Paris), Castle of the Condamine (Isère), Mondile Gallery (New York), Museum of Perugia (Ain), Swiss Gallery (Paris),  "Le Grand Cachot de Vent" Foundation (Neufchatel, Switzerland).


Her works are presented in private collections in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Canada and Russia. Her works are in noted public collections including the prefecture of the Isère, at the Sheraton New York, the League against Cancer, the Paul Ricard Foundation, Hébert Uckerman, Hewlett Packard, Nestle, The Mans museum and the Sorbonne.


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