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A few words from the artist


To be an artist, in this world, is to be a bit crazy, but there are a lot of fake crazy people. The artist is someone who has no will. Everything has to happen outside ones intellectual control. Occasionally we can set off a light but It’s not something we keep in our pocket and we often lose it as soon as we attain it.


Every time we have to delve into our exploration, never expecting to know it already. Painting comes from a far off place that is difficult to see clearly. It takes courage to remain totally alone, helpless.


To achieve a certain something, one must be nothing.

To love painting more and more, to have more and more to say without being afraid to repeat oneself. Paint your own life but also an invisible space, dreams of a place where you always feel in harmony, even in rough forms of opposing forces.

Work, dare, question!


Régine Sarallier




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